Sharon won the Time Out Travel Writer of the Year award in 1995 and since then has written on travel for many newspapers and magazines, including The Times, The Independent, the Mail on Sunday, Time Out, Woman and Home, CNN Traveller, Metropolist, World of Travel, The Press (NZ) and African Business Traveller.  Her specialist subject is Namibia, on which she has written nine articles to date.

She has also written on other subjects as diverse as theatre, nuisance neighbours, science fiction conventions and the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in publications including The Guardian, The Observer, and Metropolist.

She was longlisted for the Fish Memoir Prize 2015, shortlisted for Words & Women Prose competition 2016 and longlisted for the Jerwood/Arvon Mentorship Scheme in 2017. Short fiction has appeared in Shooter Lit, Words & Women: 3, 100 Voices: An Anthology and New Flash Fiction and she is currently working semi-simultaneously on her second novel and a travel memoir. She will never read anything where a dog dies.

Below is an extract from an article she wrote for the Guardian on the subject of science fiction fandom.

'A cyberman politely stands aside for me as I enter the Northampton  Moathouse.  Inside, orderly queues of people wait to get photos, books, scripts and assorted memorabilia signed by the Guests of Honour.  Each GOH is accompanied by a minder, who fetches them drinks and sells their photographs (£10 a shot, signed).

Science fiction fandom isn't like trainspotting, philately or following Arsenal.  It's being in a family (largely without the rows and sibling rivalry) where everyone is accepted on their own terms, whatever they look like, whatever their job is, however much money they earn.  What matters is that they share a common love for a genre which has never really been taken seriously either as "proper" fiction or "proper" television.'

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